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Born in Kent England in 1973 Natasha Taylor Bryson spent her childhood between Germany and Newcastle, England. Graduating from Sunderland University in 1995 she moved to London.

After university Natasha had a number of jobs including Bookseller, Publisher Representative and Beauty Pageant Wrangler. Following her marriage in 2003 she travelled to Atlanta Georgia working at a bookshop and Beauty Pageant while crushing on Atlanta's fabulous Drag Queens.

In 2011 Natasha moved with her husband to India. First to Chennai on the Bay of Bengal followed by India's capital New Delhi.

In 2016 she returned to America settling in Chicago where she is working on a book 'Alexis, Krystle and Kate'. What if your childhood idols came to life? What if your idols were soap opera divas? What if they were Alexis and Krystle from Dynasty? Welcome to the 1980s where one English teen struggles to survive the glamour, the drama and the shoulder pads. 

While working on 'Alexis, Krystle and Kate' Natasha has watched many, many, MANY hours of Dynasty which spurred her to start a YouTube channel recapping Dynasty episodes and splicing supercuts. 

'Alexis, Krystle and Kate' grew out of the curious nature of having these two soap goddess' as her teen idols so Natasha wanted to explore what it was about Alexis and Krystle that gripped so many viewers in the 1980s.